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Trendy dresses for women

Trendy dresses for women

There are so many types of trendy dresses for women. The options for women’s dresses are usually endless so sometimes it even confused them what to choose. The reason why the women mostly require fashion tips and guidance according to any event. So let’s explore to the very few options among the never ending options of trendy dresses for women.

Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses are tight fitted dresses which is a bit revealing. These are usually made of stretchy materials that is appropriate and perfect for any night out at a town. Hourglass figures are perfect for this types of dresses because it flatters the curves of your body.

Pencil Dress

Pencil dresses can be the best grabber in any event as it looks very attractive when you wear it. It has no flounce or frills and its nipped in at the waist with a hem hitting below your knee. It looks great if it’s black and it’s a perfect option for a date at night. Adding a necklace can make it more attractive also high heels are the best to put on with it.

Peplum Dress 

A peplum dress is the most suitable option for the women who like playful styles. The style is basically inspired from the Greek antiquity. The detail is mostly around the shoulders or the neck, on the waistline or below the waistline or hips. It looks best with high heels or high heeled boots.

Asymmetrical Dress

Asymmetrical dress can flatter any type of body as there are so many variations in the type. The back of the dress can be longer than the front also one sleeve can be longer and the other can be shorter. So there are many styles of an asymmetrical dress among which you can choose the type that goes best with your body.

T-shirt Dress

These are very casual types of wear that can be worn by anyone and looks good in any body type. If you want go for a hangout or movie, then it’s the perfect one for you to choose. The silhouette is very loose that is above the knee. It can be worn at any season you want and looks stylish also creative at the same time.

Tea Length Dress

This a vintage inspired style from the Edwardian times. These dresses can be worn around friends or at your home while drinking tea or coffee and relaxing. These are long and comfortable to wear too. It can give a classical Hollywood vibe to your outfit. These go well with low heels or flat shoes.

Shift Dress

The shift dress has a simple boxy shape that was very trendy back at 1960. Its sleeveless and short which hangs from shoulders. It goes good with a thin body shape. Knee high boots or heels goes well with this outfit and you can add denim or duster jacket to look more stylish.

A-Line Dress

Pear shaped bodies are perfect to wear A-line dresses that are fitted at hips which flares out towards hem and that makes it look like A shape. It’s a casual type of dress which is perfect for a casual setting.

Wrap Dress 

This dress creates an illusion of hourglass shape even if you don’t have an hourglass shaped figure. This dress suits the athletic body shaped the best and it has a classic silhouette. It wraps one side across the other which ties the fabric at the back or the waist.

Sweater Dress

These are loose in fitting and very casual wear that comes in different lengths which is perfect for all type of bodies. It can be paired with sneaker or thigh high boots which would give you a fresh causal look.

Smock Dress

Smock dresses are very cute in appearance and simply gorgeous. It is very comfortable to wear because it is loose in fitting. The sleeves can be half, long or strapless too. Means it has so many variations. Ankle boots can go best with this attire also leather jacket would be great with it.

Princess Silhouette Dress

You see this type of dress in the Disney films. These are tight at the waist and top and flows below the waist that gives you a feel of princess gown. If you wish to look like a princess, you should definitely try the princess silhouette dress.

 Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dress can be worn at a bar or a night party which is a blend of formal and casual. It has so many different necklines and it comes in varieties of silhouettes among which you can choose the best for your body type.  This is a very versatile type of dress.

Denim Dress

If you are not in a mood to put on your jeans, just go with the denim dresses. The denim dresses come in so many designs with different types of sleeves and pockets. This can be worn in any type of event.

Pinafore Dress

Pinafore dresses are strapless and collarless that has medium sized straps on shoulder and it can be worn with shirts or turtleneck underneath.

Mini Dress

If you are obsessed with your legs, then this dress is for you. The style came up back in 1965 when model Jean Shrimpton wore it at Melbourne Cup. This dress is a nice way to grab people’s attention very easily as no wonder it can make you look so much attractive.

So we have come up with the most trendy dresses of all that can make you look unique and among which you can choose the best ones for you to enrich your wardrobe collection and go with the trend.

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